LASA is a community supported agency committed to the prevention of both homelessness and recurrent homelessness.

Homelessness Prevention

An ounce of prevention is what our program and services are all about:

Since opening in 1989, we’ve put a major emphasis on reaching out to those in need. The theory being, it’s less costly and easier to prevent homelessness than it is to cure it. Families are encouraged to come to us before they find themselves on the street. They are able to come in and discuss their situation with a volunteer who evaluates their needs and pledges the funds necessary to assist with paying water bills, new prescriptions, or some bus tickets. These preventive measures have proven to be a supportive and dignified way to keep families in their homes.

Housing programs should provide families with more than a home:

For whatever reason, families sometimes find themselves needing a place to live. This is when our ability to provide transitional housing proves to be so vital. The ultimate goal is to get each family into permanent housing and to prevent recurrent homelessness. So, along with providing a temporary living space, the staff works with families throughout the process. Our first focus is on meeting emergency needs such as medical and dental care and getting children into school. Then a housing stability plan is developed to guide the family to self-sufficiency.


2017 Board of Directors

Jay Mayer
Heritage Bank

Vice President
Joyce Loveday, PhD
Clover Park Technical College

Luda Kravehenko
HomeStreet Bank

Walt Sommers
Retired/Community Ombudsmen

Mckeith (Obe) Arradond

Diane Formoso
Caring for Kids

Pat Hildebrandt
Retired/Community Obudsmen

Margaret Kraft
Retired/Community Ombudsmen

Marie Pettie
Property Manager

Harold L. (Shelly) Shellabarger
Retired/Community Ombudsmen


Janne Hutchins, MPA
Executive Director

Betty Beer
Senior Case Manager

Randy Twait, CPA
Accounting & Finance Manager

Yuni Medlin
Prevention Specialist